Calm Technology


Do you ever seem so overwhelmed by the unrelenting stream of online information coming your way that you wish you could just slow it down?  Well, take a deep breath and relax. Emerging media has got you covered with a technology program called Calm Technology.

Calm Technology, otherwise known as ubiquitous computing,  is nothing new. The precursor to this technology can be seen in the way we manually pick and choose who we follow on Twitter. However, the difference in the technology we use today and Calm Technology of tomorrow will be that Calm Technology will be able to determine what information the user receives by the informational choices they make and then slow that data down to only include the information they desire to lessen information overload and increase functionality.


“Calm technology refers to applications that cut down on the digital noise of high-volume data to show the user only enough information so that he or she is able to focus on a task. Mark Weiser is considered to be the father of “ubiquitous computing,” a synonym for calm technology. The whole idea is to reduce distractions to our workflow without losing functionality. Weiser postulated that we should not be seeking to enter the virtual world by shopping in 3D environments, but that digital technology should enter our lives in such a way as to make it calmer and easier, not more distracted and disrupted, thus blurring the line between digital and real life experiences” (Wright, 2012).


So, if you are suffering from technology fatigue, don’t fret. Calm Technology will soon have your back!



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