*I am, in no way, a paid endorser of this product and have not been compensated by the company or their affiliates. This post is strictly my own personal opinion and observations in regards to this product and/or service.

As consumers, we often hear stories about poor customer service representatives. Having worked several years in the customer service business, I tend to appreciate great customer service when I see and/or experience it. I feel that a company that provides exceptional customer service should get recognized for it. 

This blog post is a reflection of a recent, positive customer service experience I had with the window manufacturing company, Window World. 

In January, my husband and I had had enough with our 1971 outdated aluminum windows and decided to look into purchasing some vinyl windows. We needed to replace 8 windows and had set a budget aside in the amount of $2,400.00. If we couldn’t find a company willing to replace and install the windows for $2,400.00 or less, my husband was going to take on the task himself.

I called several window companies in my area and found that Window World offered the best price for what we were looking for. I called and set up an appointment on February 13th, with the local Window World sales man, Gene Fulmer.

Gene showed up with a large folder full of helpful information. He first listened to what we were looking for, he asked some open ended questions in order to gain a better understanding, measured our windows, shared some stories, and proceeded to show us exactly what he could offer us that would fit within our budget. Gene was able to give us exactly what we wanted and get us right on budget. We signed on the dotted line and Gene gave us an estimated install between the last week of March to the first part of April.  

Window World sent us a letter a few weeks later to let us know that our windows were being made and that we should expect a call for install within the next few weeks. They were right on the money. On or around March 17th, we received a call that our windows were in. We set our appointment for March 21st, just a few days ago.

The installer, Nate, arrived at around 10 Friday morning and was done by 5:00 p.m. that evening. He took us around the house to show us how our new windows worked. One window sash had an issue with a bent bracket and Nate let us know that he had already called the Window World manufacturing plant to notify them of the issue and will be bringing a new replacement sash in the next week or so. Our windows came with a 100% lifetime warranty which means that if their is any issues with the window, including screen or glass damage, Window World will replace them, free of charge. And, should we sell our home, the warranty is 100% transferable.

Perhaps, this is the reason they were awarded the J.D. Power and Associates “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Windows and Doors in a Tie.” Window World made the window ordering and installation process as simple and painless as possible. I am very happy with the entire process and would happily recommend Window World to both family and friends.


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