In the age of social media, engagement sells. 

As a non-traditional student, I always hated getting those plain-jane email reminders to preregister for the upcoming semester classes. I always set myself a reminder and made sure I was logged in to preregister at 8:00 AM. I would then get several emails over the course of a few months reminding me to register and I’d second guess myself and have to check to make sure the system didn’t fail to register my classes. Because, lets be honest here, we all know technology isn’t infallible.

My daughter called me today regarding a project she is working on as a peer coach at our local college, WVU-Parkersburg. The marketing department had approached her on how to encourage students to register early for classes. She came up with the idea to use memes. After all, the target market at WVU-Parkersburg are Millennials, and Gen Z’er. But let’s be honest, no matter your age, who among us doesn’t appreciate a great meme? I wish they had used this idea when I was a student.

These are just a few of the memes she came up with:


12165775_10153762406712975_1536712616_n12165870_10153762407017975_1756278689_n 12166401_10153762406732975_67803667_n12167059_10153762407062975_31152729_n 12167627_10153762407047975_364016977_n12167788_10153762406757975_665582861_n 12167855_10153762407032975_1390185527_n12168041_10153762406972975_410065973_n12168075_10153762406747975_1101153520_nAs a marketer, I find this idea an inexpensive way to get the school’s message out in a way that is engaging and appealing to the target market. I told her that she should suggest that the school take this idea of her’s to the next level and make it into a contest between students to further engage the students. After all, my daughter is having a ball with this idea. I believe the other student’s would love to create their own meme and the school will have just created engagement.

Furthermore, the school should realize that they just tapped an unlimited supply of resources in asking my daughter, both a Millennial and a student, how to engage her fellow students.
As a mom, I see a future marketer in the making!