Paradise Grille Final

60 second commercial to run on Friday morning news, 5 strategically placed billboards, a Facebook coupon advertisement, ¼ page ad in Food section of the local Sunday newspaper, 5 minute cooking demonstration on local Friday morning news show
The Brand:
Restaurant offers exotic dishes such as Korean Bulgogi and Seared Shark, extraordinary ambiance, and distinguished customer service
Modest accommodations, overly-exotic menu choices, unaccommodating to smaller children
Audience Demographics:
Middle to Upper income families, ages 45-75, well traveled, adventurous, appreciative of the finer things in life
Content Points:

  • Exotic menu selections
  • Ambiance is relaxing
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Demographic served ages 45-75

Creative Focus:
The form will be a fictional commercial. 60 second commercial that will run on Friday morning news. I have chosen Eddie Moneys: Two Tickets to Paradise. The song is from the 70 that reflects the demographic I am trying to reach: middle to upper income families, ages 45-75, well traveled, adventurous, appreciative of the finer things in life.

In the commercial, I will take potential customers on a virtual tour from the owner’s back yard garden into the kitchen of Paradise Grille. A few seconds of the commercial will show the chef in receipt of the fresh vegetables and air-flown seafood and steaks followed by a preparation of some of the menu items. The commercial will provide a wide shot of a panoramic view of the restaurants decor, while empty, followed by a panoramic view of the restaurant filled with customers enjoying their dining choices and indulging in some casual conversations at the bar.

The last shot will be of the restaurant from the outside with the employees waving followed by the name, address, hours and phone number and the words “Welcome to Paradise.”

In addition to the commercial, billboards will exhibit photos of the meals. Customers will participate in billboard photo choices by uploading photos of some of their favorite dishes along with a brief explanation of why they chose that particular dish and post it on Paradise Grill’s website and Paradise Grille’s Facebook page. Winning photos and comments will be posted on the billboards.

Facebook advertisements with discount off coupons, ¼ page ad in Food section of the local Sunday newspaper and 5 minute cooking demonstrations on the local Friday morning news show will also be part of the marketing main focus.




Wide shot (WS) of a colorful garden, sun rising. A man is looking over a head of lettuce. A woman is plucking carrots and placing them into a basket Audio of birds chirping in the distance. The sound of a jet breaks the peaceful morning
Close shot (CS) of man. He looks up at the jet and appears reflective. Medium shot (MS) A woman steps to the mans right side and follows his gaze. Man looks down at his wife, puts his arm around her shoulders and smiles. Man says, “My wife and I shared a dream of creating a unique dining experience unlike any other experience in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We wanted the restaurant to be reflective of our many trips abroad and the exotic places we visited and exotic dishes we tasted along the way. We wanted to share those experiences with the Mid-Ohio Valley and that is the inspiration behind the creation of Paradise Grille.”
Shot fades to black. Camera fades back in to WS of bustling restaurant kitchen of Paradise Grille. Audience hears the sounds of pots, pans and dishes clanking together along with the sound of chopping and chefs helpers talking back and forth above the sounds.
WS of a small restaurant kitchen. CS of carrots and lettuce on a cutting board being chopped. 3 men and 3 women, donning white chefs aprons and hair nets, are busy prepping fresh vegetables Man is chef’s hat ( head chef) shouts above the noise asking, “Where is our daily shipment of fish?” As if to answer the chef, the sound of a buzzer goes off.
Medium Shot (MS) of head chef answering door with a sign that has written on it, “Receiving Area.” A UPS delivery man enters the door with 3 boxes on a dolly. The boxes begin to steam from the heat of the kitchen. CS of head chef opening the flaps of one of the boxes to reveal a whole fresh salmon. MS of prep chefs pulling lobsters and a large shark fillet from the other boxes. Sounds of pots and pans banging together along with chopping and voices. Chef shouts to his sous chef, “Lets get this prepped!”
CS of salmon searing in frying pan. MS of head chef holding a small white saucer, tasting a sample of Bulgogi (Korean BarBQue over rice) with a pair of chop sticks. “Perfect” he tells his sous chef.
Camera flashes to MS of the front of the restaurant. The host of Paradise Grill swings open the front door to welcome the camera like a customer. The room is cooly lit, highlighting the exotic feel of the restaurant. Music cues in low. First rifts of the song “Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money.
WS panning from left to right, we see booths and tables lining the walls. Small tables in center. Bar centered in the background with bottles of alcohol lining the backwall. Song “Two Tickets to Paradise” still playing softly in the background.
CS of walls decorated with various stuffed game animals: wild turkeys, gizelle head, pheasant, and more along with jungle artwork, spears, blow-darts and other exotic weapons. Song “Two Tickets to Paradise” still playing softly in the background.
Camera fades to dark. Song “Two Tickets to Paradise” still playing softly in the background.
Camera CS of menu: appetizers, exotic dishes, main courses, deserts, wines and drinks. Song “Two Tickets to Paradise” still playing softly in the background.
Camera shows WS of dining room area now loaded with guests. WS camera panning from left to right we see  a few couples sitting in the booths along the walls, small groups sitting at tables in the middle of the room, a few single people at the bar with the bartender laughing with customers. Waitresses and waiters bustling about, laughing with customers. Sounds of several voices all talking at once while the song “Two Tickets to Paradise” is still playing softly in the background.
Camera flashes to WS of the restaurant at dusk with Paradise Grille staff waving from the front patio. CS of the outdoor wooden menu listing current menu offerings: Pacific Salmon, Mako Shark, Atlantic Lobster Korean Bulgogi, Garden Vegetable Salad with choice of several speciality house dressings, and soup of the day Voice of man saying, “We hope you will come and be a part of our family here at Paradise Grille. We promise a fun and unique dining experience unlike any other.”
WS of Paradise Grille with bold words”Mid-Ohio Valley’s Best Kept Secret”Paradise Grille1403 Grand Central Ave, Vienna WV(304) 865-2455 Hours Fri-Sun 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Camera shot fades to black