Creative Focus:
The form will be a fictional commercial. I am turning the 15 second commercial into a 60 second commercial that will run on Friday morning news. I am still not sure on the song but I have chosen Eddie Money’s, “Two Tickets to Paradise” I still don’t feel that the song fits. I would love to have a song, from the 70’s or early 80’s that would reflect the demographic I am trying to reach: middle to upper income families, ages 45-75, well traveled, adventurous, appreciative of the finer things in life.
In the commercial, I will take potential customers on a virtual tour from the owners back yard garden into the kitchen of Paradise Grille. A few seconds of the commercial will show the chef in receipt of the fresh vegetables and air-flown seafood and steaks followed by a preparation of some of the menu items. The commercial will provide a wide shot of a panoramic view of the restaurants decor, while empty, followed by a panoramic view of the restaurant filled with customers enjoying their dining choices and indulging in some casual conversations at the bar. The last shot will be of the restaurant from the outside with the employees waving followed by the name, address, hours and phone number and the words “Welcome to Paradise.”
Billboards will exhibit photo’s of the meals. I was thinking about having customers participate by posting photos of their favorite dishes and why they chose that dish and post it on Paradise Grill’s website and winning photos and comments can be posted on the billboards.Facebook coupon advertisement, ¼ page ad in Food section of the local Sunday newspaper will sum up the rest of my marketing strategy.